Travelling with Friends

Hey there owlets!

I’m just returning back to reality and boy is it bitter sweet, mostly bitter. I’ve been on vacation for 11 days, I went to Mexico for 5 of those days with my bestest friends in the world 😍. This is the third trip with my girls and it’s always filled with a lot of fun, love, hate, arguments and making up which always results in us becoming closer than we were before.❤️

I believe it’s important to travel in general, you learn a lot about yourself, the country, the food, the music, the culture and more – but it’s even better when you get to experience that with a partner or friends because you get to experience all of that with them. Share those moments and memories which I think help you grow together as well.

We went to Mexico, in the beautiful Riviera Maya at the Grand Sirenis. Side note – days before, I kept looking at the weather forecast that showed it would be raining and thundering the whole time we’d be there, so I was pretty bummed about that ⛈️😞, but turned out the forecast wasn’t accurate at all – it was sunny and hot as hell! I was in love.😍🌤️

Anyway, the trip was amazing, the weather was fantastic, the pools amazing, late night lazy river adventures, prohibited late night drunk pool trips and all you can eat and drink fiesta! Every day was us bonding in the pool, talking about life, funny memories, future plans and everything in between. Getting away from the non-stop busy life just to chill around with your best friends was so refreshing and rejuvenating, I sure needed it.

There’s something about hanging out with just your friends and going away with them – especially the shenanigans that we were up to i.e. drinking games, multiple shots, dancing, being loud and the late-night pool and lazy river trips, which by the way are not allowed, but hey you’re with your friends and you’ve had a lot to drink and you aren’t up to any good. It was our version of living on the edge I guess, so being in it together with the chances of getting caught, was an adventure, however, many people walked by, including security and didn’t care, wamp-wamp lol, it was a lot of fun nonetheless.

Along with all the fun stuff and the bonding that happens, there’s also the bickering and bitching about stupid little things as well. But we’d have discussions – sometimes really heated – to talk about whatever the problem was and make up. Making up is fun too lol, you feel closer and happier, much like a monogamous relationship – that you overcame something together and there’s nothing that will tear you apart – so dramatic, I know.

Women can be drama lol but it can also be of something very entertaining – if you haven’t travelled with friends yet, you definitely should, you grow together in many different ways and learn so much about each other – the good, the bad and the ugly – the same goes with traveling with a spouse/partner. I plan to continue to travel with those that I love and make memories and grow together with them in all aspects. If you travel a lot with others, share some memories or things you’ve learned when traveling with them in the comments below. Thanks Owlets!




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  1. Gagan
    May 25, 2018 / 9:45 pm

    Awww so sweet, looking forward to a lot of trips in the future!!

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