Soft and Smooth Feeturing Yves Rocher

Hi Owlets!

Sorry I’ve been gone for some time – if you didn’t know, it’s been a wild wedding season (of course not for my wedding) this year for me, especially with my siblings both getting married in the same year, a month apart (crazy love birds, ugh!) and if you didn’t get a chance to read up on my feelings about the changes happening in my life – here’s the link: A New Chapter Seasons and Changes

ANYWAY! My poor feet have been taking a hit on all the madness of running around, wearing heals, barefoot dance practices, bipolar whether and naturally dry skin, it was time for me do something special for my sole and little piggies.

I went to Yves Rocher and found a foot beauty care kit and thought I’d try it out, it contained two products

Organic Lavender Polishing Foot Scrub

Organic Lavender Foot Repair Balm

Both products smelled like I’m at a day spa which put you in a Zen mood, I guess you can say it was a bit of aromatherapy for me (I love smells/aromas) and the smell of lavender is so pretty.

During a nice hot shower, I scrubbed my feet with the Polishing Foot Scrub. I squeezed about the size of a quarter into my hand and scrubbed away thoroughly (I tend to get very dry and cracked feet when the weather starts to get crisp and chilly, as I’ve mentioned this enough times in most of my beauty posts). The smell of the lavender is more potent when being rubbed against warm, damp skin (mmmm…). The scrub is also very gentle and I didn’t feel any irritation. The highlighted ingredients in this scrub are organic lavender essential oil, organic lavender water, glycerin and apricot kernel powder, which explains why it smells so nice and why it works so well. The apricot kernels help for great exfoliation and the glycerin helps with chapped, dry skin. Mix them together and BAM! The scrub made my feet super smooth and soft – Oh, and smell good.

My feet could still use some love, but this is an improvement

After drying myself, I applied the foot repair balm and just like the scrub, it smelled amazing and contained ingredients that would sooth and soften my feet. The highlighted ingredients in this balm were organic lavender essential oil, organic lavender water, shea butter, macadamia oil, jojoba oil, coprah oil, carnauba wax, and candelilla wax (I get oil, you get oil, EVERYBODY GETS OIL!). Although it may sound like this balm may be greasy, but it wasn’t, the texture and the feeling after applying it was actually really nice. My feet felt as though they were dipped in holy honey and kissed by a fairy LOL jokes, but they did feel like they had gone through a pedicure.

I would say this is a great quick fix to dry and cracked feet, affordable and its recommended application is two times a week. I’ve been using the scrub and balm for about a month now and I feel like I can wait for an actual pedicure for some time and not have to go as often. I also take care of my feet with lotions and scrubbers to keep them pretty, however, Yves Rocher’s foot beauty kit is definitely a money and time saver for keeping your feet in good condition for a longer time – Pamper yourself!

Well that’s that owlets! If you’ve tried these products or want to try, let me know what you think – comment down below.



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