Hello, It’s Me…

Hi Owlets,

Welcome to my first ever blog! I am so excited to share with you my thoughts, reviews, hobbies and obsessions! I think all of these are pampering, relaxing and therapeutic…for me anyway.

So, I’m sure you’ve read the About page on me and things I like and why I wanted to start this blog. Other than liking stuff and wanting to talk about it, I started it because well let’s just say I’m a quiet person, an introvert, and I don’t communicate how I’m feeling – I’m not the greatest communicator. I was also going through a tough time because of it, especially with changing job positions within the company I work for, trying to network, and having friends too busy to make time to do anything – may that be due to marriages, babies, jobs, moving away etc. which of course are legitimate reasons. So, I thought, why not start my own thing, pick up a hobby – I am better at writing my thoughts than I am speaking them – This will: 1) Help with my confidence and communication 2) will make me happy and 3) I will have fun expressing and reviewing it all.

Having to “adult” made me too busy to do things I cared for, things I liked…things that made me, me. I guess at one point I started to feel lost, like who am I and what am I. I did everything a good kid is supposed to do – went to school, I go to church (I have been blessed abundantly), was never rebellious, got a business degree, and now work at an awesome company. But this was all too mainstream (hipster talk lol). I had fallen into the corporate world, but have a heart for art, beauty and culture – everything colorful and life. This is not to say the corporate world is not great, it’s helped me so much and I will continue to work, however, I felt something was missing, and that was all the things I personally liked to do, before I had to start being a responsible adult. Now that I am at a good place in life, I thought why not also start this blog – it’ll bring my old childlike spirit back, where little things bring me joy and I know maybe others reading this can relate, we are not alone! No one is ever alone.

I know a few people that started blogging, and I myself read and follow bloggers and I thoroughly enjoy reading about what they have to say, to get to experience someone else’s life, thoughts, and feelings – I guess it gives you a sense of being in someone else’s shoes. To experience someone’s life other than yours. And so, this is my way of communicating to everyone about my life, my thoughts, my hobbies, and my favorite products – welcome to Pampered Owl, and to the first of many posts.

P.S. to my dear night owl, you make me a better and happier person.



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  1. Amber
    July 14, 2017 / 8:47 pm

    Loved this post, will be following you and your journeys!

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