Healing Skin back to Pretty Perfection

Hi Owlets!

Anyone living in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) knows how crazy and beautiful the weather has been. Summer in Toronto has been super-hot this time around and I’m loving it ☀️😍. So much so that I haven’t even made time for my blog – Terrible! I know. But I’m still here, still making time to pamper and take care of myself.

Since the heat wave came through in the GTA, I sweat a lot around my forehead and nose area – the T-Zone of my face. And I suppose with a mixture of sweat, make-up, dust and pollen, my skin has been breaking out in those areas and it’s not looking pretty. So, since that’s happened, I’ve been taking steps to help my skin heal back to pretty perfection 😊 here’s how:

  1. I’ve reduced the amount of make-up I wear in the heat – it’s going to melt off anyway, so I don’t put on too much of it. I find with my skin, the mixture of sweat and make-up irritates it, blocks my pores and turns them into demonic pimples – no thanks! Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone, if you like to wear make-up, you do you girl.


  1. I wash my face and use a toner to keep my pores clean – I noticed that when after washing my face and putting on moisturizer, and then going out into the heat, I get super oily. Typically, my skin is very dry, but with the hot and humid summers here in Toronto, the mix of moisturizer and sweat on the T-Zone of my face, doesn’t help with the breaking out, so I wash my face and use the toner rather than moisturizer, it helps remove excess gunk and tighten pores. The toner I use is Nivea: Gentle toner, which I discuss it on my other blog post on My Morning Skincare Routine.


  1. At night, I wash my face and make a rose water and glycerin mixture and put it on my face before bed – This is a mixture I learned from my mother when she lived back home. This homemade remedy is a hybrid which I think is Skin Holy Water. Both ingredients are SO good for the skin. The rose water helps maintain the pH balance in the skin and controls the oils, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce redness of irritated skin and reduce acne, dermatitis and eczema. Glycerin, which is found in many skin products, is also used to treat many oily skin conditions, like acne, skin infections, wrinkles and fine lines. It moisturizes, smooths, maintains water balance, nourishes, enhances, heals and protects the skin. Mixing these two ingredients and putting it on your face regularly, will do wonders, and specifically overnight because it heals during the night while you rest. Both ingredients can be found at a drug store or major superstores – you just need a teaspoon each, mix together and put on.













So, there it is owlets – beat the heat this summer for your skin if you’re having similar issues – hey you can even do this if you’re not, to maintain sexy beautiful skin. Enjoy!



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