Hi Owlets! My name is Ann, but I go by Annie (I know, my nickname is longer than my real name, HA!). This is my first blog and a retreat away from the hard-knock life (see what I did there), so let’s get pampered!

First off, you may be wondering, why Pampered Owl? The truth is, I love being pampered and I love owls, simple.

I am the middle child – also the most loved and favourite, sorry brother and sister. In my spare time, you’ll find me Netflix and Chilling (get your heads out of the gutter!) …in my room, popcorn, or any snack, crumbs scattered on my shirt and bed (forever alone), binge watching shows or movies – my favourite shows are: Game of Thrones, Vikings, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, and Walking Dead. I also love all things ART and hope to do a ton of travelling – first destination on my bucket list: Japan! I’ve always loved Anime and Japanese culture. When I’m not doing any of the above, you’ll find me playing video games, action adventure games to be specific, and hanging out with my friends and/or family.

At a personal level, I’ve started this blog because I want something I can claim mine, my own (and because everyone else is doing it LOL jks!). Somewhere I can talk about things I like and am passionate about, maybe feel a sense of fulfillment, and a place where I can let out my thoughts. It will be dedicated to my love for all things Beauty, Food and Travel/Culture and more. Here I will share my experiences and review things that I will try and already love. If you love these things too, please connect with me, I hope you all enjoy!


❤💋 Annie